Monday, May 31, 2010

CIndy Day 7

TITLE: Two positives made a negative

Date: 20 Feb 2010

Explanation of the act:

The awesome Project Nice coordinator Erinn explained she couldn’t drink any beer because she was going to donate blood the next day while we were out at a bar. I expressed how wonderful I thought it was that she was doing that. She went on to say that she was a bit nervous about all of it and she had never given blood before. I explained I was free the next day and would go if she wanted company and I would even be a good person and donate too! Erinn immediately eased up about the situation. Nice Deed Part 1 done!

Erinn, her hubby, and adorable kid picked me up so that I wouldn’t have to drive. Her hubby and kid toured the mall a few times while we went to the blood drive. We got in line and won some prizes for trivia! Good karma already! Erinn and I each go back to our information gathering person who decides if we are suitable for blood donation. Well I noted and issue with my heart which took about 30 minutes, 4 phone calls, and 6 people to say that I could donate blood. I really should have taken this as a warning sign. I figured by now Erinn was already giving blood by herself and I was feeling really guilty that I wasn’t there. Alas they let me go with paperwork to donate and Erinn was still waiting in the donation room. I felt better. We get two chairs next to each other. They work on Erinn first and come to find out her veins are too small! The needle is bigger than her veins and she couldn’t donate. My veins were fine and I could but they made Erinn leave, donors only were allowed in the area. So I listened to my iPod and one handed texted to her for the 7 or so minutes it took. I felt fine so I was released to the snack table where I enjoyed some pretzels, water, and juice. A success right? I helped save someone’s life!

Erinn was disappointed she couldn’t give and my hubby was so proud of me for giving. You would think it would end here right? Wrong! No good deed goes unpunished that’s for sure. I woke up at 2am and 6am puking! I called the number and the women on the other end explained that sometimes first time female donors have a bit of a reaction and that I may need to go to the ER for some fluids if I don’t improve. At 10am I still felt bad, called the nurse mother-in-law and within 45 minutes was sitting in the ER and stayed there for the next 9 hours…

Would I do it again?

Nope! I didn’t realize that donating blood dehydrates you (yes I should have known) and my medical conditions make me very suseptiable to dehydration. I will have to find other ways to help. Unless it is for a family member or close friend I will not be a vampire donor, sorry Edward!


$40 for the ER visit

If you are healthier than me then it costs you nothing


Not too much


The donation process is time consuming especially if they are busy. Be sure to block out 2-3 hours. I had the added time of an ER visit

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